Dterm custom shell application and custom Icons

Thanks to @anddam I discovered DTerm, drop down command line, HUD style and context-sensitive.

It has really cool features, like ‘insert selected items’, and ‘copy results’ and so on

Dterm Menú
Dterm Menú

The only flip side I found was to start the program at login using a different shell than my default fish shells (a command line shell for the 90s) for various reasons.

This post from hackerific suggest how to do it, setting the SHELL variable and opening the app

        env SHELL=/bin/bash open /Applications/DTerm.app 

The next step is to use the neat appify script from Mathias Bynens to create a real minimal application that can be launched at login with the proper environment variables set.

My steps :

  1. Install properly the appify script.
  2. Write a shell script to open Dterm with your preferred shell (see above) and call it something like Dterm_shell.sh
  3. Run appify and create an OS application appify Dterm.sh "Dterm_shell"
  4. Copy-paste the Dterm icon from the info window to your application
  5. Add the new application to your login item.

Optionally you can create a custom icon: for my application launching every morning Chrome, Mail and iCal I did this nice thing below.

I stole the respective application icons, worked with Gimp and converted again to icon online with iconverticons.

Everyday Apps icon


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