Dash Docset for IDL & Postgis

UPDATE#4 [03 March 2013]

All the docset are [finally] available on github > https://github.com/kidpixo !!


UPDATE#4 [03 March 2013]

 I wrote a little bash script to get man page in Dash  from shell (here the code at github)

The cose is really simple:

if [ "$1" ]
    eval "open dash://man:"$1
    echo "No argument supplied!!"

You have to do the typical stuff on your own:

  • Write the code in a file like dman.sh
  • make it executable
    chmod +x dman.sh
  • add the path to the script to the $PATH or move it somewhere like /usr/local/bin/
  • for the last option i suggest to change the ownership to root
    chown root:wheel dman.sh

    and permission to

    chmod 775 dman.sh

UPDATE#3 [01 March 2013]

I added all my docset to my Github repository  .

New products include (direct link to download):

IDL 8.X and ENVI 5.0 are huge, around ~65Mb, 29Mb compressed to .tgz due to a lot of images, so no complains!!

Have Fun!


I found extremely useful the nice piece of software called Dash, a snippet manager, text expander and documentation browser for mac. It includes already several documentation, but I was searching for two special thing, IDL (Interactive Data Language) & Postgis2.

After struggling for a couple of days to do it the “right way” (download the source and run doxygen), I did it my way following the tips by the Dash coder.

Long story short, I downloaded the existing documentation from http://postgis.refractions.net/documentation/manual-2.0/ and created per-hand the sqlite db,that you can find here >  PostGIS 2.0.2 docset

I was so excited from results, then I did it also for IDL and you can find it here > IDL 8.1 docset (It’s huge, around ~65Mb, 29Mb compressed to .tgz due to a lot of images, so no complains!!). As bonus, it include also the great IDLdoc from Michael Galloy.

UPDATE#1 [01 Sept 2012]

I played a little more with sqlite & python, now in the IDL docset you have the right name (as extracted from the html file in the documentation) and a division between function,class and method. Maybe I’ll publish a docset production python script and the docset itself on github, when I’ll have time.

UPDATE#2 [03 Sept 2012]

I produced a sort of IDLdoc to Docset translator, in form of a python script. To translate an existing IDLdoc documentation just follow this steps:

  1. build the directories structure as described in http://kapeli.com/docsets/ ( or use an empty docset I prepared here http://bit.ly/Sg7C0n)
  2. copy you documentation in IDLdoc.docset/Contents/Resources/Documents/
  3. run the IDLdoc_docset_creation.py in the Resources/ directory

Optional : change the IDLdoc.docset/icon.png and adjust the IDLdoc.docset/Contents/nfo.plist

The python code does the following:

  • scans only 2 level deep in the Documents folder
  • deletes some files (all-dirs.html,all-files.html etc)
  • sets as start page the dir-overview.html changing it to index.html
  • gets the title from each html page
  • modifies the html erasing the top banner
  • writes all in the sqlite DB docSet.dsidx

In order to run properly you need to have the sqlite3,urllib,BeautifulSoup and glob modules along your python distribution.
Have fun!

 I didi it!Technical info : In both the cases I just defined every html file as a ‘fund’ type, I’ll be refine the thing in the future.

Thanks again to Kapeli, Michael, the PostGIS team!

Just a little thank to the IDL Team for two reasons: 1. we are paying for the software 2. most of the time is a real trouble.

BONUS: following this twitter discussion I integrated all in my Quicksilver workflow. I love QS!


2 pensieri su “Dash Docset for IDL & Postgis

    • Hi Chris, thanks!
      You are welcome! I found it extremely useful and I wanted to distribute to the community.
      I wrote to Kapeli and he said he doesn’t “officially” support researcher use of Dash, he well try to help our community. Maybe if a lot of people ask he could think about it, try to tweet him https://twitter.com/kapeli .


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