Calibre as Ebook Viewer

I had often the problem to quickly open an epub with Mac, and now that Stanza is on the decline, I’m using often the ebook viewer integrated the Mighty Calibre

With default install you’d use it as a shell command like:

/Applications/ Hitchhikers_GttG.epub

It is not that comfortable, so I wrote a simple automator action that get the selected file in Finder and pass the argument to  ebook-viewer. It should be stable against  Calibre update. It doesn’t support multiple file, but it would be easy to implemente, comment here if interested.


It wil be installed as Service of the Finder > you will find it in the contextual when alt-clicking on a file.

I personally use the combo QuickSilver+Service Menu Module, that make all the Services available in the QS’s actions menú.

Download the Automator Workflow here >


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