iPad custom dictionary to iBooks

Hi all, this is my first try and it’s working for German dictionary.
If I have time, I’ll expand and simplify all this, especially the Step 2.
It’s a little technical, ask for clarification.
1. First step – add the custom dictionary to iBooks 1.2.2
You need/I used (for Linux user, needless to say :-) :

Location of System Dictionaries on Mac 10.6.7:  System/Library/Dictionaries/
I have there:
  • Apple Dictionary.dictionary
  • New Oxford American Dictionary.dictionary
  • OpenThesaurus Deutsch.dictionary
  • Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus.dictionary
  • Shogakukan Daijisen.dictionary
  • Shogakukan Progressive English-Japanese Japanese-English Dictionary.dictionary
  • Shogakukan Ruigo Reikai Jiten.dictionary
Copy ‘OpenThesaurus Deutsch.dictionary’ to iPad System Dictionaries folder.
You can find the OpenThesaurus Deutsch herehttp://www.tekl.de/english/OpenThesaurus_German.html
Location of System Dictionaries on iPad : /Library/Dictionaries/
Modify iBooks .plist :Find the iBooks.app application*:
ssh user@youripad
user@youripad's password: ****
cd /var/mobile/Applications/
find . -iname "iBooks.app"
cd 03D95CB6-B29E-4326-9BD9-587ADEF6A6AD/

or use iFile on the iOs device, but modify thing on iOs is horrible.

2. Second step – Change epub language

(based on http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/bac…in-ibooks-1.1/)
I’m modifying the News recipes epub produced by Calibre http://calibre-ebook.com/user_manual/news.html):
Test script (after substitution of calligraphic “ ” ‘ to serious character, check it twice!), see the comment in the reference:

for file in *.epub ; do unzip "$file" content.opf && mv content.opf content.opf.bak && sed 's/\en\<\/dc\:language\>/\de\<\/dc\:language\>/' < content.opf.bak > content.opf && zip "$file" content.opf && rm -f content.* ; done
Enjoy!*I hate the ‘app’ word.



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